March 27th, 2013

Mayo Clinic Review Confirms Hand Towels Most Hygienic Option

It’s commonly known that proper hand hygiene is highly effective at killing germs and reducing infection. Yet, while hand washing gains all the attention, it has been found that hand drying plays a vital role in proper hand hygiene as well.

While damp hands can transfer up to 60,400 bacteria, properly dried hands can only spread 200 of them, thus reducing the risk of bacterial contamination and transmission. However, most people don’t have time to wait in line to dry their hands using the hand dryer. When they do, they often leave before their hands are completely dry, meaning that paper hand towels are more effective choice.

This was confirmed in the recently published Mayo Clinic Review that found when it comes to hygiene, paper towels are superior to air dryers and should be recommended in locations where hygiene is paramount.

Among the highlights, the review confirmed that:

  • Because the transmission of bacteria is more likely to occur from wet skin than from dry skin, the proper drying of hands after washing should be an essential component of hand hygiene procedures.
  • The hygienic efficacy of hand drying includes drying efficiency, the effective removal of bacterial and the prevention of cross-contamination.
  • Drying hands thoroughly with single-use, disposable paper towels is the preferred method of hand drying and the provision of paper towels should be considered as a means of improving hand hygiene.

Taking this one step further, Cascades Tissue Group has redefined the hand towel's role in enhancing hygiene with the Cascades Antibacterial Paper Towel. The towel reduces bacterial contamination and transmission.

The distinctly green-colored Cascades Antibacterial Paper Towel can fit anywhere, doesn't require additional steps and compensates for people's imperfect hygiene habits without changing the way they wash or dry their hands. The towel releases the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride when in contact with wet hands. This active ingredient has been around since 1935 and is safely used in common products, including gel sanitizers, baby wipes and antiseptic skin solutions.

You can learn more about the product and proper hand hygiene tips at the Cascades AFH website

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